top 7 business trends on the rise in 2017

We can’t deny it; our millennial generation has been on engaging in the Business industry. According to the Census Bureau, the Millennial generation are now the largest living group. But what does that mean for businesses? Because so many individuals are in charge of purchasing, the world is changing, and the trends will have to cater to the people of this generation. 

Here are eight business trends on the rise for 2017. 

Tools for the Non-Techy Entrepreneurs to Create Tech 

It may sound hard to believe, but not everyone is technically savvy. However, the need for technology has become more in demand than ever before. This is why the technical relations in your business are a must. Technology has grown to be a major factor for every company, especially if you expect to stay above the competition in today’s tough market. Using WordPress and other platforms will allow websites to easy manage their business with the little technical knowledge needed for those who plan to build their business on the web. 

Tools for Personal Brands 

Personal company branding helped many people create renowned brands, and the internet has opened up more opportunities to make it even more of success. Nowadays, many individuals are releasing personal branding products that will keep them in the market and help businesses gain personality and reduce the competition. Be sure to keep up with the latest branding tools on your must-do list for your business. 

Bring Attention on Training Employees 

Have you ever heard of a remote employee? Lately, startups and tech companies are hiring their workers remotely. It all started with IBM as other companies began to follow. Hiring remote employees is not only cost-efficient as you can schedule meetings online through chat platforms such as Skype or other video platforms, social media, customer service and programming positions. 

Do you know what they all have in common? They all require access to the internet and a computer. Hiring talented individuals will help you with growing your business, no matter where they are located. 

Businesses that Embrace the Millennial 

The older generations may assume that millennials are selfish and materialistic. However, this is entirely correct as they just don’t work the same way as baby boomers do. Millennials look for smart ways to complete their work faster and better and are always looking for ways to make improvements. As a result, this can lead to innovation as businesses are embracing the needs of the Millennials. 

As the baby boomer generation started the foundation businesses, there are a few elements that are changing the face of business. Every day, technology is becoming easier to use as items that were once found in specialty shops can now be found on the internet. 

Health Products that keep track of diet and nutrition 

During the recent CES, the entire portion of the conference held specifically for health and fitness wearable technology. Today’s generation is becoming more concerned with their diet and health more than any other age in the past. 

With all the latest technology fitness trackers like Fitbits and other virtual reality, keeping track of nutrition and fitness levels are becoming easier than ever as more businesses are looking to expand in the market. Expect this trend to continue and grow with fitness apps in the health and fitness market. 

Rise in E-commerce 

A housewife started selling hair extensions at hair expos. She hired a friend who was a graphic designer to create a website and run social media advertisements for her business. Within a one of running ads on social media, she generated nearly $40,000 in revenue. To meet the demands for the supplies, she had to hire staff. 

With the way social media and the internet is today, it is much easier for businesses to reach their target market. The increasing demand for e-commerce tools is continuing to grow. According to research, more than 58% of consumers are willing to place additional items to their online shopping carts just to meet the free shipping quota. As the growth technology continues to expand, we expect to see an higher rate increase in e-commerce trends. 

Eco-friendly Products 

Today’s generation is becoming more conscious of what they buy, how much they conserve water, and what they eat. They are actively looking for renowned brands to purchase the brand. More and more brands are going green as companies have developed more products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Be sure to look out for these trends in the next year to come. Chances are happening, and you need to be ready for the next target customers. If you expect your business to survive, make sure to keep up with these eight modern business trends.