How Can Smart Money Secrets Work To Reduce Credit Score And Get The Most Of Your Money

smart money secret credit score

Smart Money Secret is a physical book and an online training program that equips you with the knowledge on how to improve your credit score. With its 11 secrets can advance you credit score by an impressive 165 points in 30 days. So, the program essentially puts you in control of not only your credit score but also your credit report.

SMS (Smart Money Secret) help you make collectors and creditors understand the benefits of removing your incorrect and adverse items, thus your credit situation. Below is a detailed SMS review, outlining how it started, how works and the types of secrets you can learn from it;

How Smart Money Secret Was Started

The book was authored by Scott Hilton, with contribution from Jay Hannon. The two men previously learned firsthand how the collections and credit industry works and decided to put the information down for your benefit. Jay had spent five awful years stuck inside the dreadful waters of the credit industry, spending eight hours daily in a cubicle.

He witnesses his employees, some of whom were ex-convicts threaten people for failing to pay their credit card bills. Occasionally the workers could destroy people’s private possessions for not paying their bills.

His stay enabled him to acquire the secrets that could allow him to potentially turn the whole 95 Dollar billion credit sector upside down.

Creators Resolve

Scott, together with Jay and Alison Hilton decided to write down the big secret that can enable you to reverse your poor credit score. Fortunately, the credit repair secrets provide a legal and safe way to enhance your credit score by a substantial margin within a short time.

You, therefore, don’t have to be a victim of exorbitant interest rates together with other associated scams widespread in the industry; with the secrets, you have everything it takes to help yourself.

How Does SMS Work?

All Three Credit Bureaus are entitled to 30 days within which, they should react to your credit disagreement. In the event they fail to respond within the 30 days, they are under legal obligation to remove or erase or delete all the adverse items from your credit record. Smart Money Secrets, therefore, notifies you how you can take advantage of this law and win virtually every time.

So, what does the law says

According to the law, when you ask questions about the information in your credit report and raise with the relevant authority reasons you believe the info is not accurate/complete, the statutory body contacts the source of your information by phone, letter or via an automated authentication system.

It asks the source to go through their records to confirm that the information is accurate regarding the items you raised and give their report within 30 days from the date the authority receives your request.

On getting the report, the authority sends you the outcome of the investigations. Should the source fail to give their response within 30 days, the statutory body deletes or updates the items according to your request before sending the results back to you.

The Loophole With Smart Money Secret

This process is evidently an enormous task to your collectors and creditors. Consequently, they have no choice but to delete your disputed time so as to avoid the hassle. Many people are already capitalizing on this aspect to improve their credit score within a very short period.

The Types of Secret you can learn, you can also find them here:

  • Secrets on how to improve your credit score within 30 days
  • Secrets on the pre-written letters that you can send to your creditors so as to scare them into collaborating with you
  • How to threaten to take them to small claims courts effectively making your creditors more willing to cooperate with you
  • How to have your negative credit marks eradicated from your history once and for all

Does SMS Work?

Yes! It legitimately teaches you how to improve your credit score by pointing out loopholes in tax laws before giving you a comprehensive guide on how to leverage the laws for your own benefit. Many people attest to its usefulness, a sure evidence that indeed Smart Money Secret works.

Additionally, the fact it creators once worked for credit firms further shows the program puts into considerations the practices applied in the industry. So, if you have any issues with your credit score or credit history, give SMS a try; you’ll be surprised by the results.